Monday, August 28, 2006

Train to Sell Bottled Water

The key to successful bottled water sales, as simple as it sounds, is training, training, and more training. Tylor Field, director of beverage operations, Mortons of Chicago, Palm Beach, Florida, says this basic restaurant server training helps them sell ?a tremendous amount of bottled water.?
Offer water at the outset. Take the water order along with their drink order. Suggest sparkling water or nonsparkling water. Then offer tap water. Stock different bottle sizes (half-liters, full-liters) to match party needs.
Dan Wasilick, national account manager, Nestl? Waters North America Inc., Toms River, New Jersey, adds that restaurant server training begins with ?training the trainer.? ?Good product knowledge is key, whether you are selling bottled water, another beverage, or food,? Wasilick says.
Proper training also ensures customer comfort. ?In the spirit of good service, present the option of buying bottled water in a suggestive manner, but never make customers feel uncomfortable if they decline,? Wasilick says.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Health and safety issue when you going abroad for study

It’s important that you take personal responsibility for your health and safety while abroad. If you don't take care of yourself, there will be a greater chance of you facing health or safety problems. Remember, YOU are responsible for staying safe and healthy while abroad. Follow the links below for suggestions on how to protect your health and safety while abroad:

1.Research Your Host Country
2.Staying Healthy
3.Follow the Law
4.Drug Use Abroad
5.Behavior Tips

1. Research Your Host Country-
You have to be aware of your surroundings when you study abroad. Before you leave, research your host country:

· Visit the State Department’s website to learn specific information about your host country
· Look for Travel Warnings about certain countries
· Register with the U.S. State Department to let them know your location, which is extremely important in case of a natural disaster or other emergencies

2. Staying Healthy-
Staying healthy begins at home. First, learn about the health conditions in your host country. If you need travel shots (immunizations), get them as soon as possible (usually 4-6 weeks before you leave).

Before you leave home, follow these steps:
· Get a physical before you leave. Your doctor should be able to tell you about the health risk in other countries
· If you have a health condition (e.g. allergies, diabetes, asthma), discuss with your doctor how to manage them while abroad
· For students with learning, physical or mental disabilities, visit Mobility International and learn about experiences of other students with disabilities abroad
· If you take prescription medicine, take enough supply for your entire time abroad. To avoid problems, ensure the medicines is in it original container
. Bring enough supply of medicine and medical materials- your host country may not have the medicine or medical devices you need
·Pack your essential medicine or medical devices in your carry-on luggage
·Be careful where you eat and drink. All countries don’t have the same sanitation standards as the U.S. Your body will have to adjust to the new foods of your host country. This is especially important in developing countries where drinking water may need to be boiled before drinking
For up to date information on country-specific health conditions and travel health information, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's travel website.

3. Follow the Law--
When abroad, follow the local laws. Your host country's laws may differ from U.S. laws. Typically, you'll learn about specific laws during your program orientation. But remember, ultimately it's your responsibility to know your host country’s local laws. As a rule:
·If something is illegal in the U.S., it probably will be illegal in your host country
·Don’t fool yourself and think that local authorities will give you a break because you’re a foreign student
·Infractions considered minor in the U.S. oftentimes carry severe penalties in other countries
Rights of the United States Do Not Apply Abroad
Once you leave the U.S., the civil rights and liberties accorded to you by the U.S. constitution don't apply. Some countries don't even have basic laws that we are granted in the U.S. If you're uncomfortable with this, consider studying in a different country.
If in Trouble
If you find yourself in trouble for breaking the law in your host country, contact the U.S. embassy or consulate in your area (Find a Embassy or Consulate in your host country).
If you are arrested, the embassy and consulate can visit you in jail. With your authorization, the consulate can notify your family or friends and deliver request for money or aid. The consulate can help you choose a local attorney to ensure you are receiving all of your rights under the law of your host country. Consulates, however, cannot guarantee your release from jail.
4. Drug Use Abroad
If you're thinking about using illegal drugs when you're abroad—DON'T. In many foreign countries laws against drug use and possession are very strict. Every year thousands of Americans are jailed in foreign countries—sometimes for life—for drug possession, even in small amounts.
You are more likely to be caught as police abroad specifically target foreign students for illegal drugs. Obtain more information about Drug Use Abroad and what services the U.S. can and cannot provide if you are caught abroad using or possessing illegal drugs.
5. Behavior Tips
Staying safe while abroad has a lot to do with how you behave. Follow these tips:
· Don’t attract unnecessary attention to yourself with loud conversations with other Americans while in public
· Always be aware of your surroundings. If certain areas seem unsafe, avoid them
· Try not to be flashy with expensive jewelry or electronic equipment
· Use caution with alcohol. Alcohol impairs your thinking and your judgment. If you drink alcohol, be sure that you are with people you trust
·If you travel independently, notify someone from your school where you’re going
·Use only official taxis
·Avoid political or social demonstrations. Such events can become dangerous, and you can be innocently hurt or arrested
·Keep your passport in a safe place. If you carry it with you, keep it in your front pocket (or another safe place on your person)
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Iced Tea Time

More than 2,600 of the world’s most-renowned tea experts and aficionados gathered to
increase their tea knowledge by performing for each other, networking, cooking, testing new
equipment, and discovering unusual varieties of the world’s most popular drink—second
only to water.
And back by demand, the festive Iced Tea Shake-off, held in partnership with the Tea
Association of the U.S.A., showcased iced tea from 40 companies. A huge growth area,
eight new companies came on board just in the past year, according to George Jage,
president of the World Tea Expo.
“Sixty percent of the U.S. tea market is iced tea,” says Jage. And the strongest iced tea
trends, he says, are “herbals, such as the increasingly popular antioxidant-rich South African
Rooibos tea; exotic tropical flavors, like mango; caffeine- free; and energy tea drinks, which
are showing up more and more in hotel mini-bars . . . and there’s a big interest in children’s
tea drinks.”
Servingware and garnishes for iced tea are getting attention, too. The year-round drink may,
for example, come in a martini glass, pint glass, champagne flute, have a sugared rim, or be
packaged like wine. Lemons and oranges are still favorites for garnishes—but so are
cinnamon sticks, pineapple, sugar sticks, and drink umbrellas. You can
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tea Vendor Exhibition

Perhaps since the fateful night our forefathers tossed the tea back into Boston Harbor, Americans have not been able to recapture what was once our all-encompassing, and very British, love of tea.
George Jage, organizer of the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, explained that tea has been making a comeback, as evidenced by the 200 percent participation increase in the World Tea Expo since its inception two years ago.
The World Tea Expo is a comprehensive collection of wholesale specialty tea vendors (both hot and iced), offering tea selections and services from all over the international community, as well as Cooking with Tea demonstrations featuring celebrity chefs such as Kerry Simon of Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel and Richard Chen, Executive Chef of Wen Lei at the Wynn Las Vegas.
The World Tea Expo will host the first ever U.S. Tea Auction. Organized by the World Tea Expo, the Nilgiri Planters Association and the Tea Board of India, the auction will give buyers an opportunity to bid on 42 of Nilgiri’s finest teas.
Since 2003, tea vendors exhibiting at the Expo have grown from 65 to 200 representatives. The goal, explained Jage, "is to expand the marketplace for tea globally.”
Hotel professionals have bountiful resources to reap at the World Tea Expo’s tea seminars and education. According to Jage, "we have over 45 hotel-appropriate tea training seminars with a wide range of topics, including the basic understanding of tea, the future of specialty tea and operating tea businesses."
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Total IT Service Provider in UK

Most of our clients have opted for a complete package from us and we feel this is the best option for most but not necessarily all. With this package, upon approval by both parties, we will sign a contract and control all of your IT Needs. Depending on the size of your corporation and needs we will:

Show and discuss all your available routes and options within your budget
Agree on a solution best suited to your company
Agree on a set of tasks and time limits
Design and implement a Secure Network
Install/upgrade/update/decommission/repair your servers and constantly, remotely, check to ensure a trouble free service
Upgrade/update/repair/purchase/lease workstations/laptops and ensure their reliability
Remove the threat of viruses and spyware, annoyance of spam and educate your staff on how to deal with them
Backup our services by telephone support, remote access (over 95% of issues are fixed remotely) and onsite visits if needed.
Ensure daily backups (onsite or offsite)
Discuss the advantages in terms of cost and time savings that a bespoke software designed by our software engineers can do for your company.
Hold regular meetings to discuss improvements and ways to save you money and move your company forward
Train your staff on their software and hardware needs
Discuss and design a total bespoke ecommerce internet presence package
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Monday, March 27, 2006

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